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NutraEx Food, a Burnaby BC Food company receives support from the Province

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NutraEx Food is the company behind SugarLike Monk Fruit Sweeteners. Thanks to BC’s Buy Local program, this zero calorie sweetener is available in more BC locations than ever before.

The Buy Local program introduced a new encapsulated sweetener to consumers in BC. In-store demonstrations were held at Vancouver area retailers, showing how this great tasting alternative to sugar can still be tasty to young and old alike. “We demonstrated SugarLike to more than 1,250 BC consumers.” said Harvey Martens, VP Business Development for NutraEx Food Inc. “It is hard to demonstrate a sugar alternative to consumers. Most people do not eat sugar directly. Instead we made guilt-free lemonade. Everyone loved the great clean taste.”
“You can make this wonderful lemonade yourself” said Lily Zou, NutraEx Foods’ CEO and founder. “The recipe is on our web site. Start your healthy journey with SugarLike” she said. Find healthy recipes at www.sugarlike.ca/recipes. .


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