Coca Cola is trying out Stevia

The world’s largest beverage maker, Coca-Cola, has been trying out stevia as a sweetener for several years now. They are currently marketing a few products with stevia is selected markets. Robert Brooke of Stevia First Corporation thinks this is a good idea. In a blog this week, he praises the makers of fast food and carbonated soft drinks for working on healthy foods.
However, the taste of stevia has prevented wide spread use of this natural leaf extract. His claims that stevia production is more environmentally friendly than sugar misses the point. People will not adopt new formulations that do not taste good. And most stevia beverages are just awful.
There is good news, though, about stevia. Some sweeteners, like SugarLike, containing stevia are great tasting. And when the major food and beverage manufacturers discover these formulations, they will find the 99 percent will go along with them to healthier food and drink.

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