New NFT will cause reformulation

Food labels are set to change.

At a recent announcement, Michelle Obama praised the FDA for fast action on the new food label rules.

A Routine Change for Manufacturers
Food manufacturers change their packages all the time. During the next two years, many products are going to have a package update. The new NFT means more modifications.
US Pouch label NFT
Highlight Calories and Servings
In the new format, the Calories jump out at you. Now the number of servings in the container are easy to see. Modifying the label is a simple change to the text, font and print size.
Serving Sizes
More realistic serving sizes mean more sugar consumed. Changing the label is easy.
Added Sugars
This is more difficult to accomplish. One question that comes to mind is “What is the added sugar content?” After a review of the product formula, it is a number that must be entered into the label.
Daily Values
Now there are more daily values to calculate and show on the label for nutrients like sodium, dietary fiber and vitamin D

BUT – the real difficulty will be when reformulation is required.

Consumers are already concerned by the amount of sugar in products. This change will draw attention to how much sugar is actually in the products they consume. Many brands will consider a crash course on sugar reduction.

What happens when you comply
Your product will be more exposed to those consumers who don’t want that much sugar. You will be more motivated to reformulate, and actually reduce the sugar content. Reformulation takes much longer that simply re-printing the label. So you have to start sooner, or find an easy way to reduce the sugar.

That’s precisely what we do at NutraEx. Think of us as an extension to your sugar reduction team.

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