SUGARLIKE™ Sweetener Story

Here is a typical story about how our SugarLike Sweeteners are received. A food manufacturer wants to achieve sugar reduction, but will not compromise on taste.  After all, they got here by offering a fantastic product and consumers love it.

But consumers are also interested in being healthy.  There is a growing demand for sugar reduced food.

Many companies have turned to artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose but problems with these ingredients have started to be revealed.  The consumer wants only natural ingredients, now.
For sweeteners, that’s been stevia.  But stevia has quite a few problems – a strong aftertaste or bitterness, sometimes called metalic or licorice. At NutraEx, we found the secret to blending stevia with other components to mask this effect.

Every other supplier claims their product has no bitterness.  But, when we go head-to-head with market products, we win.  While other companies can only achieve 30-40% sugar reduction with stevia, we can deliver stevia based sweeteners with 50% sugar reduced, 75% sugar reduced, even completely sugar free.  The difference with our sweetener is ours really does ‘Tastes like Sugar‘.

The proof is in blind taste tests over and over again. We make several prototypes with simple ingredients and sweeten them with different formulations.  When the customer tastes them, they often can’t tell which is made with sugar and which is made with SugarLike.
We have sufficient scale to meet any manufacturer’s present and future needs.  Our proprietary, patented micro encapsulation process improves the taste profile even more, while making the product look like sugar, too.  No more dust from dry powder sweeteners on production machinery.  And this leads to even distribution in the final product.

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